About Me


Meet Mrs. Pierce

My name is Corinne Pierce and I was born and raised right here in Austin, Texas. After high school I moved to San Francisco where I lived for two years before moving back home to earn my American Sign Language Certification through Austin Community College. After that I transferred to Texas State University to earn my Teaching Certification, and over the summer I finished my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction there! Before I started teaching elementary school, I taught ballet for young children in an after school program which I was very passionate about. I married my husband, Derek,  four years ago and we have three adopted pets. We spend a lot of time outdoors, listening to live music, and spending time with our family and friends.

My Philosophy of Teaching

I believe school should be inspiring! Somewhere children are encouraged to learn in a way that adheres to their individual learning styles, and can show us their knowledge through their passions. For me, teaching to the whole child is critical in making sure information sticks and aids in making classroom time interactive and meaningful. Students should feel at ease and encouraged to share their interests with those around them, as well as ask for help of me and of their peers when they need it.

Professional Goals

  • Encourage family involvement and be representative of various classroom cultures
  • Provide many different pathways for students to access and show their knowledge
  • Create a supportive classroom community where all members are apart of the larger whole
  • Engage with the community through acts of citizenship and volunteering
  • Incorporate technology into student and classroom work
  • Be understanding always!