ZOO Project Based Learning kick off week

Math: we began the week by reviewing sorting and classifying attributes and began our explorations into 2D shapes. We explored with Cuisenaire rods, pattern blocks, pattern block tangram mats, and geoboards.

Language arts: We kicked off our Zoo PBL with an introduction to nonfiction and informational texts by exploring different animals during our read aloud time, and even had a chance to meet some of the animals we researched throughout the week at our animal coverings presentation thanks to Tiny Tails to You! They brought a rabbit, chicken, tortoise, hedgehog, bearded dragon, chicks, and a guinea pig to teach us about their different coverings and classifications!

Science: we continued our nonfiction research into animal classifications and even had some earthworms come to visit, we practiced being scientists by classifying the worms in living and nonliving categories. No worries, our earthworm friends were safely released to the garden after our exploration!

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